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Blog Detail

Andhra Pradesh: A State Divided

A State Divided

Greetings from overseas!

I want to update you on an urgent need for prayer regarding the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where our Christ For India campus is located. On Tuesday, July 30th, India’s Central Government approved the creation of a new state, essentially dividing our state in two. This division has been discussed for many decades, but didn’t become a reality until a few days ago. The following stages will consist of elections for new government positions and the development of a whole new infrastructure.

As this new state is in the infancy stage, there is uncertainty among the people on both sides, causing many problems. Schools are shutting down, people are on hunger strikes, while others are calling for public strikes to shut down the infrastructure of the new state.

Christ For India’s New Life School and Home has been closed for the past week.  We are waiting for guidance from our local government as to when we can open up again. Our children who live on campus are with us and are safe. The children that we pick up from the local villages are not able to come to the campus and our buses are not running.

As many of you know, our ministry headquarters is in the city of Visakhapatnam, located on the east coast of Andhra Predesh. So we are, as of now, part of the original state, while the west will become the new state. At the announcement of the Central Government’s news to approve the state split, they also announced that Hyderbad (the previous state capital) will become the state capital for both states for a period of 10 years. This announcement is only adding to the unrest and confusion of the people here.

We really need your prayers. Pray for the government officials and our ministry team who are located on both sides of the state. Pray for safety on the campus and for the best possible outcome for the future of both states and the future of India!

We know our God is a faithful God and He can do miracles in the midst of any adversity we face!

I will keep you posted as this develops.



Jameson Titus, President