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Blog Detail

Steering Through Chaos…

Steering Through Chaos

Greetings from India!

Thank you so much for all your prayers for us on campus and our state! All of the children who live on campus are safe, as well as the faculty and staff.

Our school has been open for only 6 days total since July 31st. We even opened the school on two Saturdays to make up for lost days this month. Today, August 28th,  we are closed. We hope to be open tomorrow and the rest of the week. Each day we wait for news on the strike to see if the school buses can run and if the city is shut down for the day. The city’s public transportation is still shut down, so it is very hard for people to go to work, shop, etc. The teacher’s association has also joined in on the strike. Our teachers want to continue working with our kids on campus, but cannot due to the association.

Our Junior College opened on August 19th for the first time since the state split. The very next day, a mob of people from outside the village came onto our school campus and demanded we close down the school immediately and send the kids out on the streets because it was a day of strike. This mob is led by a retired government employee and his group tells the schools and shops in the area when to shut down due to the strikes. We feared this mob could have done physical damage, so we complied and shut down the Junior College for the day.

The seminary students are all doing well and continuing in classes on campus. Some of our evangelistic efforts by the students have been hindered though. Many of our students were going out to the public government school to teach moral science. Since these schools are now closed, we’ve lost that opportunity.

The church plants in Hyderabad and others cities on both sides of the state are all safe.

Please keep praying for all the children, students, pastors and the whole team at Christ for India. Also, continue to pray for our state and that the politicians will make wise decisions during this time.