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Media Outreach Project

We were able have the opening prayer for the Media Center recently, the dedication and grand opening will be in a few months as we install all the equipment and setup the recording and TV studio.

We praise God for the near completion of this project, as we have faced many unexpected challenges and delays. The Media Center will train our Seminary students in using the Media and airwaves to share the Gospel, we will be able to produce our own program and music and this studio will be a blessing to other ministries as we will be be able to serve them in their media needs. As we build up the media program we pray that this will be a self support project to help finance the ministry on India!

A special thanks to the Pogue Foundation and The Gottlieb Foundation for their investments into the Media Outreach Training Center. A special thanks to Doug Kaufman and Darryl Newman for all their consultation and financial gifts and hours of advice on the project.

We have received the Tri caster, the brain of the studio, on campus and soon will be setting up .

Lord willing, in the next few months we will be buying and installing the studio equipment. Please pray for this project as it nears complete in for the Glory of God!