Support Us

Humanitarian Aid


Medical Supplies

Your gift will provide first aid supplies for a one-day medical mission outreach.

Medical supplies would cost $50.

Would you consider donating for medical supplies?


Cooking Pots

To feed the campus, the kitchen cooks 2000 meals per day, burning the bottom out of the cooking pots. They have to be replaced every year.

Cooking pots would cost $100.

Would you consider providing some cooking pots?


Rice Bag

Bring the nourishment and comfort of a steaming bowl of rice to hungry children and their families on the campus. Many bags of rice are necessary to feed the children, students and staff on the campus every day.

One bag of rice would cost $100.

Would you consider providing a bag of rice?


Sewing Machine

Many women in India have no means of earning a living. By purchasing a sewing machine, you are giving a woman the tool she needs to provide an income for her family.

One sewing machine would cost $125.

Would you consider giving a sewing machine?



Help us to purchase land so we can raise chickens for eggs to feed the campus and produce income.

Our chickens’ project would cost $500.

Would you consider contributing to our chickens’ project?


Buy a Cow

Our cows provide 100% of the milk, consumed on campus, for our students and staff.

The total cost of a cow would be $1,200.

Would you consider participating in buying a cow?


Water Well

In the villages, many are getting sick or dying from impure water. Help give the gift of clean water to the communities we serve.

To purchase a water well, the motor and the pump would cost respectively $500 and $1,500.

Would you consider helping us to provide a water well?


Dental Chair

Provide specialized dental equipment in order to ensure the campus has access to quality dental care.

One dental chair would cost $5,000.

Would you consider participating in getting a dental chair?


Rice Paddy

Rice is served with most meals on campus. Each year, the cost of rice and vegetables rises.
Help us alleviate our monthly cost by purchasing 20 acres to cultivate rice. Each acre would produce two harvests that could feed our campus for three weeks.

One acre would cost $20,000.

Would you consider helping us in buying one acre at a time?

When a specific need has been met, Christ For India reserves the right to distribute the funds where the need is greatest.